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Rock Six Figures

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Get ready to feel UNSTOPPABLE!  Let’s raise the bar when it comes to monetizing your business and helping you become a successful entrepreneur.  

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This is so Exciting! You are personally invited to join our exclusive “Rock 6 Figures, High-Level Mastermind.”


You’ve been working so hard on your business and it’s not getting you exactly where you really want to go. 

Take this invitation as your solution to turn everything around and create your own destiny.


Rock Six Figures

A Proven System!

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Build a powerful, profitable business, grounded with a proven system that works and a profitable business that brings in a consistent income.


You’ll be equipped with new skills and tactics that’ll help you with everything from creating high-value online content to establishing your business and brand, through to all the marketing strategies you need to get in front of your ideal customers.


Implementation is key and accountability is one of the main drivers to help you rock six figures in your business. We hold your feet to the fire in a caring yet effective way to make sure you are consistently taking action on your path to success.
Rock Six Figures

Our members Love It!

The Power of Collaborative Marketing.

As entrepreneurs who are on the path to becoming greatly successful and desire to reach 6 Figures this year, you need a few things to ensure your success:

We have created the “Rock 6 Figures, High-Level Mastermind Roadmap” with YOU in mind. 

Here’s an example of the genius we created to help you become ultra successful on a fast track to 6 Figures this year:

1. ROADMAP: First you need a plan (roadmap). In order to have the money and success you desire, you need to have the know-how in order to achieve your goals. We have developed a plan that’s simple, effective and proven to work.

We’ll teach you how to implement this plan so you can be on the fast track to becoming a 6 Figure generating entrepreneur.

2.  MASTERMIND: Once you have a plan, you need to take action and implement the plan. In order to do this, you need support, training and inspiration. 

Masterminds are one of the main secrets to success! 

The mastermind platform brings new ideas, inspiration, mindset and even has the potential to shift your identity to help you become the high-level entrepreneur you desire to be.

With Colin and Joshua on your side along with an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you inspire new ideas and implement your knowledge and know-how, it’s going to be easy for you to finally succeed!      

3. HIGH-LEVEL COACHING: Having the right coach is key! Now you are invited into an opportunity to have 2 amazing Master Coaches to help you easily succeed! Having a mastermind format to bring in new ideas, inspiration and mindset is awesome. You also need personal help, accountability and coaching to guide you through the steps in order to master our proven success plan and Rock your business to 6 Figures


Rock Six Figures


Isn’t it about time you had everything you need to be successful?

By accepting our invitation and joining us today, implementing our proven success plan and engaging with our community, we’re sure that you’ll make back your investment many times over. 

This mastermind experience will take you from where you are now to new heights, where you’ll embody the skills, tools, mindset and identity to finally be truly successful as an entrepreneur.

You deserve this opportunity to flourish, and we want to support you in the biggest way possible to do so.  

We’re going to make this amazing opportunity a “no-brainer.” We’ll add resources like live calls, advice on how to set up your funnels, and so much more; skills that have taken us over 20 years to master. 

Be a part of something so incredibly special that you’ll start growing your business from our very first call. 

We’re going to over-deliver for you and make sure you succeed. 

We’ll support you in so many amazing ways:

Rock Six Figures

Join In the Next 24 Hours!

You will get 22 Calls recorded live to help you totally Rock Your Business called, “20 Minutes to Daily Success” worth $2,000 for FREE!

Plus the first 10 people will get a live private 60-minute session with Joshua or Colin to create a Personalized Roadmap for your business.

Rock Six Figures

There is no other group like this that can support you in so many ways such as building your business, marketing your business and monetizing your business to help you take your business to a whole new level of possibility.  

You’ll receive direct access to Joshua, Colin, and other experts in our community.

You’ll have a clear path to rocking 6 figures and beyond!

Benefit #1: 2 x 90min. Mastermind-Style Coaching Calls per month. We work together to smash through the barriers that are holding you back, to challenge you to do your best work and to empower you to rock six figures in your business.  Calls are on Wednesday’s at 12pm ET.  

You will be supported in your specific goals and aspirations by experts and others on the same entrepreneurial path. We walk the path together!

Benefit #2:  Coaching. You get Colin and Joshua coaching you and giving you feedback, training, and our personal help live on each mastermind call.

Benefit #3:  Accountability. Implementation is key and accountability is one of the main drivers to help you rock six figures in your business. We hold your feet to the fire in a caring yet effective way to make sure you are consistently taking action on your path to success. You’re going to love your business! 

Benefit #4:  Exclusive Facebook Support. You’ll have direct access to Colin and Joshua, as well as a select group of like-minded Mastermind Members to ask questions and resolve issues as they occur in the private “Rock Six Figures” Facebook Group.

Benefit #5:  Be the first to get most current and proven marketing information available that will make it easy for you to reach your goals and dreams.

Benefit #6:  Learn amazing marketing skills, sales processes and know how to rock six figures in your business starting right away.

Benefit #7:  Business Essentials: Learn what tools you need to succeed and to ensure continued success in your business. 

Plus This Amazing Fast Action Bonus Bonus!

First 10 people to register will get a live private 60-minute session with Joshua or Colin to create a Personalized Roadmap for your business.

And you will get 22 Calls recorded live to help you totally Rock Your Business called, “20 Minutes to Daily Success” worth $2,000 for FREE! 

Reach 6 Figures and beyond at the reduced price of $597 $297/month.


If you want to unlock real transformation in your life and business, and you’re ready to do the work to reach new heights, then the Rock 6 Figures Mastermind is for YOU.

If you want to get outrageous results you not only need a clear roadmap, but also regular guidance and course correction, challenge, and accountability, which is exactly what this strategic mastermind will provide.

Not only that, but it’s going to be a profound experience that will truly create amazing results for you!

Again, it’s only $597 $297/month for a minimum of 6 months.  

This program is only for a select few entrepreneurs, and space is quite limited. So if you’re ready to Rock 6 Figures, act fast, the spots are going to go very quickly. 

Being a part of this exclusive group will absolutely supercharge your entrepreneurial skills, greatly impact your life and business, and make you more money – not to mention overcome self-sabotage, fear, procrastination, and whatever is in your way.  

The Rock Six Figures Mastermind is the clear path to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

There’s no question that you should be continually investing in yourself to help you grow.  Become more clear, more focused and more effective.

The first 10 people to register will receive a live 60-minute private session with Joshua or Colin to create a Personalized Roadmap for your business.

Limited spots available with a lot of interest, as the price has been reduced, so don’t sit on this, its first come first serve. Below is the link to grab your spot.


We can’t wait for you to join us! It is our personal mission to help you Rock 6 Figures and beyond in your business… and you will! With total excitement!

Joshua & Colin


Joshua Bloom
Joshua Bloom Amazon #1 Best Selling Author | Quantum Healing Expert | Emotional Freedom Master

I transformed my life with an amazing process that has helped transform the lives of thousands of people. I have been helping men, and especially women, transform their lives for the past 20 years. Now I want to help you shift your energy and change your life by using healing secrets.

The trusted authority on the application of Quantum Healing, and the host of “Emotionally Free TV”, I am featured on the front page of the Washington Post as one of the first coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media.

I have developed my own healing modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™, a new way of Being Quantum™, a healing process called Age Clearing™, my own reiki modality named Being Reiki™, an allergy elimination process called Quantum Allergy Release™, and now Lifeforce Awakening™.

For many, I am their go to Emotional Freedom Master.

Colin Scotland

You could say I’ve been around in the world of marketing a bit more than most.

I’ve lectured in Marketing for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK.

I took my own E-Commerce business from zero to £4million per year revenue (before it failed spectacularly in 2013).

I’ve since built a thriving marketing coaching business and have the privilege of sharing my experience to help entrepreneurs from around the world Rock Six Figures.

Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland BA (Hons) MSc DipM MCIM
Rock Six Figures

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